Carfluent Conversations

A Conversation with the Founders of Carfluent

Peek into the creation of Carfluent with founders Chance Mayfield and Justin Neiser, in this vlog.

Automotive retail tech for a changing customer landscape

Bilingual and culturally aware SaaS products with accurate translations not only improve user experience but also tap into a rapidly growing market segment.

Lost in translation: Avoiding a language maze in car shopping

Create a clear the path for your Spanish-speaking customers by avoiding these 2 UX roadblocks.

PRESS RELEASE: New AI software helps dealers connect with Spanish speakers

Carfluent opens up new customer bases to dealerships by producing bilingual search and vehicle detail pages.

Steering change: What dealerships can learn from Tesla's approach to retail

Delve into the key elements of Tesla's unique approach, and glean how to steer conventional retail models towards a more approachable future.

The truth about Google Translate for dealerships

Many dealerships have turned to Google Translate as a quick solution to bridge this language gap. But is it a real solution or a Trojan horse causing more harm than good?