Carfluent solves the bilingual buying experience

A big problem in auto

The absence of Spanish content lengthens the already long and stressful sales process for Spanish-speakers and dealers. These customers often use unreliable methods like help from friends or family or inaccurate browser-based translation tools to read listings. But relying on others is painstaking and plugins often result incoherent content that frustrates customers and increases the lack of trust.

Broken connections

Manually translated sites:

  • Typically results in half-baked solution with mix of both
 Spanish and English on multiple pages
  • Expensive secondary website and add-on charges
  • Excessively time consuming and labor intensive to maintain

Translate plugins:

  • Dependent on existing architecture, doesn't account for
localization resulting in incoherent text
  • Not designed for automotive retailing
  • Doesn’t provide high quality or accurate translations

With growth year over year, the Hispanic population is currently slated at over 60 million U.S. residents. Clearly, it’s time for a new lead-generating approach to this growing and under-served market.

An entirely new approach

Without adding any additional steps to your in-store processes, Carfluent provides your dealership with new inventory search and vehicle detail pages that feature baked-in translations generated by our wicked smart AI.

Customers can toggle between their native language within seconds, share the listing with others, and submit lead information to your dealership’s existing channels.

Our beautifully bilingual shopping experience helps you generate more leads, so it pays to watch your language. Book a demo with us, and we'll conduct a free site audit.

Carfluent - Watch Your Language!

Only the begining

As a startup that values innovation and adaptation, Carfluent harnesses cutting-edge AI and machine learning to continuously optimize our platform. We believe in the importance of staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving automotive industry, and our agile approach allows us to quickly adapt to changes in market conditions and customer needs. We are committed to developing solutions that provide dealerships with a competitive edge and car shoppers with a better experience.

We are not only focused on improving the automotive retail experience but also excited about a fluent future where language automation extends beyond the sale of the vehicle. With this vision in mind, Carfluent is dedicated to ongoing development across all vehicle lifecycle touch-points. We are obsessed with exploring new possibilities and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the automotive industry. Join us on the journey towards a more fluent future.

Carfluent was founded by automotive SaaS veterans with over 40 years of combined experience in the space. They have built and sold software for companies like Cox, Dealertrack, DealerSocket, DealerFire,, Solera and Sincro with customers ranging from Ford to Mercedes.

Carfluent was born from the need experienced by their customers throughout their career in automotive technology.

Chance Mayfield

Chance Mayfield

Founder, CEO

Justin Neiser

Justin Neiser

Founder, CXO

Matt Sparks

Matt Sparks

Founder, CPO