Meet Tory by Carfluent, the most effective way to convert non-English speakers

Beautifully bilingual car shopping

Bolt-on automated bilingual webpages & sales tools.

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Fully automated


We use your inventory feed to generate bilingual listings without any additional steps. So as your inventory changes so do your Carfluent listings.

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Intuitive design

Carfluent pages were crafted to put emphasis where it matters most to your customers — on the vehicles. Resulting in higher customer satisfaction, and lead generation.

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True translation

Our AI recognizes context, expressions, OEM, and industry-specific terms. This leads to more trust and higher user satisfaction, all with the ability to toggle seamlessly between languages.

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Quick connection

Integrate with vAuto, MaxDigital, VinCue, Homenet, Dealersocket, Dealerslink, DealerInspire, DealerOn, DealerEProcess, Motive,, and 20+ other inventory feed providers.

Carfluent SRPs are designed to cut out friction points from the car-shopping experience. Using an all new architecture, we’re able to provide a seamlessly smooth path in lead generation and customer acquisition.

Carfluent vehicle detail pages were created to focus on what matters the most—the vehicle. While putting emphasis on important information these pages result in higher customer satisfaction, and lead generation.

Give your customers the best bilingual experience possible with an optional branded landing page. These function as an entry point to a fluent car shopping journey when your current site isn’t an optimized for Spanish-speakers.

Maximize bilingual customer engagement with Tory by Carfluent. Directly linked to your inventory, Tory's intuitive assistance instantly navigates customers to their perfect vehicle match. Simply clicking the 'Español' button expedites the journey towards a seamless, faster deal.

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Aaron Dobrow, Director of Digital Ops, Glenn Polk Automotive

Carfluent dealers experience up to a 12% conversion rate, as opposed to the industry average of 1.5% for calls and form fills.