Questions About Carfluent

Does Carfluent replace my existing website?Carfluent is an add-on to your existing/current website and does not replace it. Instead it functions as an additional source for lead generation and search engine indexing.
Does Carfluent replace my existing SRP/VDPs?Carfluent is an add-on to your search result and vehicle details pages and does not replace them. Instead it functions as an additional source for lead generation and search engine indexing through creating new pages.
Is Carfluent embedded on my existing site?Carfluent is only linked from your website as an external destination. This architecture not only improves meta rankings, but gives more control over a fluently bilingual experience.
Should I drive traffic to Carfluent pages?Absolutely! If your customer base would benefit from truly bilingual experiences, they should be driven directly to Carfluent pages.
How do I access the admin panel?You don’t! Right now Carfluent is truly autonomous, which means no admin panel is needed. If you’re experiencing any issues you’d like to address, just reach out to support at
Will Carfluent work for independent dealers?Yes, Carfluent can work with independent auto dealers as long as they have an existing inventory feed.
Does Carfluent work for all OEMs? Yes, Carfluent can work with all major manufacturers for both franchise and independent dealers alike.
How does Carfluent help my dealership’s online presence?Carfluent not only increases customer satisfaction through high performing UX, but also through establishing new content. Additionally it also serves as a powerful destination for Hispanic-centric marketing.
Does Carfluent do other languages than Spanish?Carfluent can work with many languages. Please contact us and let us know what you have in mind.
How long does setting up Carfluent take?To get setup we just need to get access to your inventory feed (usually a simple approval email) and you can have your inventory feed setup within 1 to 2 weeks. After this its all automated and synced up daily to your inventory feed. Then you just add our link to your website and you are good to go.
What kind of reporting and analytics does Carfluent provide?We provide custom reporting based on your needs, but our preferred analytics provider is Google Analytics, and prepared for the switch to Google Analytics 4.

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