Steering change: What dealerships can learn from Tesla's approach to retail

Let's address the elephant in the room - Tesla. This name might evoke mixed feelings in the world of conventional dealerships. However, it's clear that Tesla is making a significant impact on the automotive industry, especially in retail. This has never been more apparent than with the Tesla Model Y breaking into the top 10 cars sold in America in 2023, and the world’s best-selling car in Q1 2023. While it's easy to attribute this solely to the lure of electric vehicles or attractive pricing, their novel approach to the retail experience deserves a closer look.

5 Elements of Tesla's Retail Model:

  1. Straightforward pricing:
    At Tesla, the price a customer sees is the price they pay, thanks to their no-haggle policy. Embracing this transparency can help to mitigate negotiation anxieties and build trust between dealerships and customers.
  2. Direct-to-consumer approach:
    Tesla's streamlined, direct-to-consumer sales model ensures a consistent customer experience. For traditional dealerships, exploring new ways to enhance direct communication with consumers could improve the overall customer journey.
  3. Educational focus over selling:
    Rather than traditional salespeople, Tesla employs 'Product Specialists' who focus on education. Adapting elements of this approach could foster a relaxed, empowering environment for customers to make informed decisions.
  4. Embracing the Digital Age:
    Tesla's prioritized online retail experience meets customers where they already are. Taking cues from this digital-first strategy can cater to modern buying habits and customer preferences.
  5. Continuous innovation:
    Tesla's commitment to innovation is central to their retail model. Adapting and evolving in line with industry changes are essential to stay competitive and relevant.

The key takeaway is not about replacing our tried and true methods but learning, adapting, and evolving. As the appetite for this type of retail experience grows among consumers, insights gleaned from Tesla’s success could be a valuable compass for the future of our dealerships.

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